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Your Life is The Result of The Choices You Make

I can’t believe today was the first day of June, which means the first day of Winter, which marks the halfway point in the year! Where did 2017 go? I have no idea…

But I can definitely tell it’s Winter though with the drop in climate, the layering of warmer clothing, and the copious amount of tea I drink to keep my insides toasty.

To celebrate this halfway mark in the year I thought I would find a moment out of my hectic schedule to find a quiet moment with God and allow Him to write this blog entry for me, as I had really no theme in mind at the time, I just felt I needed to touch base with you all and encourage your daily life. ( I also had an amazing night catching up with a group of friends at the cinemas so I’m feeling extra grand and excited to share my heart with you)

I will however firstly start this blog by sharing my Word 4 2day with you because this morning, I woke up feeling great because it was my day off work ( I’ve been working four days a week praise Jesus! I’ve been searching for work for months) and I got to drink a nice coffee in bed and spend time in devotions.  So without further ado, let’s launch into this…

The title of this entry was ‘Be Prepared’. It’s about leading your life, not just accepting it. It’s about taking responsibility for your decisions, choices, and stepping out in  confidence each day knowing that you are in control, and you are making good decisions for your future and your relationship with God and others. Because as you look around you might think most of us actually don’t lead our own lives, we accept them, but it says here that you shouldn’t because life isn’t a dress rehearsal, you don’t get a second chance, that’s why it’s important to start changing course, and start making conscious decisions that positively impact your live.

So my question today is what are you preparing for and how are you preparing?

God had put this question on my heart at the beginning of the year. Once the fireworks were lit on New Years, and began to burst into bright colours in the sky, I asked God what He wanted of me for 2017. How could I be better? And how He answered was by revealing to me what the baggage in my life was that was pulling me down that I needed to let go off. These past 6 months have been very enriching, enlightening, and maturing. I feel like I am at that stage where I am learning how to listen to God, obey God, and follow through. Not only am I listening to God though, but I am listening to myself. Just as iron sharpens iron, I have surrounded myself with healthy people who help me stay true to myself. I have become more familiar with my goals in life and taking conscious steps to set them. I have also learned patience and self control. I think waiting for God’s blessings instead of recklessly pursuing them has given me a lot of confidence and security knowing that I am exactly where I need to be in life, and I am walking in His will and not my own, has given me the assurance that I am being a good faithful servant.

No longer do I feel the need to rush ahead of God, I am perfectly content being on this journey of self-discovery and learning my purpose. All other things will be added to that in the right time, for now God is all I need. Ever since I have acknowledged this, God has blessed me in all the right ways, and added to my life all the things that my heart desired. Not the fleshly kind, but the purest desire. Desires for friendship, connection, community, gratifying work, family, peace of mind and heart, and for exploring the unknown. Everyday I wake up feeling full in my heart for no particular reason, and I put it down to the Holy Spirit having authority.

In the past I allowed anything to come in and distract me from living out life for God. This left me tired and unfulfilled. But now I am picky. I ask God for discernment, and for protection. Guarding my spirit in this world is my top priority,  my life is too precious to let the wrong influences take over, or allow my guard down. I have seen how truly worthy I am in His eyes, how precious my small time is on this Earth and I want to make it count.

I pray your eyes are opened too, that you see how valuable you are, and that God promts something in your spirit, that guides your feet on better paths. May He restore you, and make your heart feel full and overflowing with the peace and joy only He can bring you. Just in the Bible, God has the ability to give you the everlasting water, so you won’t ever feel thirsty again. Your spirit will be saturated in His goodness, and nothing will ever be able to cast out that light in you again.




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