Is God Your Friend?

The concept of friendship has got me thinking about what it takes to keep and maintain healthy ones. Life can get crazy though, and your friendships tend to take a back seat, especially past high school. You no longer have your safety net of seeing them everyday and it takes effort and commitment to stay in touch.

But when friendships are put on the back burner for so long though, they tend to fade, then you find yourself strangers to them. Maybe you never called or they never picked up their phone. Maybe you lost interest in their interests, maybe it was something deeper and you have vastly different values and beliefs. Whatever might’ve happened, the friendship died out and your left feeling lost, wondering how you got here.

It’s no secret people come and go in your life. But sometimes you have to figure out which friendships are worth fighting for and keeping. Who are the people that make you better , who support you and believe in you. If you have a friend that isn’t doing either, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate that but for the most part you feel like you need to keep certain friends.

In the midst of re-evaluating some of my own friendships, I realised that relationships with God were the same. If it was always God pursuing someone and them never meeting halfway, then how was it having a real deep friendship? To maintain a friendship, you need to show an interest in the other person. You need to seek them and set aside time just with them. It’s never just one person putting in 100% or that friendship wouldn’t last very long.

This convicted me and I realised while I was feeling bitter about my own social circle, I had been neglecting God’s friendship: I was always making plans over spending time with Him and reading His Word. Choosing TV shows over the Bible, and sleep ins on Sunday over church. Little by little, every choice I made, every priority I put above God built up and I realised that I lost touch with Him.
Most of the time we get into this habit, where we create this mindset that tells us ‘It’s okay, God loves you no matter what, it’s fine to keep him in the background.’ But it’s really not, because if God isn’t running the show, then you end up getting lost along the way.  Don’t let that lie enter your head, telling you it’s fine to be lazy when it comes to your relationship with God. It is possibly the MOST important relationship you will ever have.. in fact it is the most important. Try to spend time getting to know Him, and His character. The more we delve into knowing who created us, the more we can know ourselves, and how to be good examples of God.
Make a list of all the ways you feel closer to God, it might be reading His Word, listening to worship, helping out at church. There is no right or wrong answer, because it’s your own personal journey. For instance, I feel closest to God in nature, and I talk to Him by the water/park/gardens, and listen to uplifting music. That is how my heart connects with His. After you have made the list, try to spend an hour each day doing that. The more times you do this, you will get into the habit of spending time with God, and it will feel just like catching up an old friend.

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