About Me


Hi! My name is Kelly Boag and I am the founder and author at The Anomaly Daughter.

I chose this name for my blog because anomaly means that you are different and unique, while daughter means daughter of the King, so in saying that, I actually mean you are all princesses!

In this blog, I write about life, love, heartbreak, faith, trials, and my journey with God. There will be some personal accounts, and some scriptures, Bible stories, testimonials, and conversations about our King. through my writing I hope to encourage young women to lead a life fully satisfied and confident in God, radiating His peace, love and joy!

I dislike early mornings, paw paw, and when people crack their knuckles. I love music, travelling, cooking on rainy days, reading a good book in bed, and cute cafes with great coffee.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! It means a lot and please comment/message me, I love having visitors and making new friends!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Blessings of God’s grace and mercy, Sister Kelly.

    I am so happy to meet you. I was looking for images related to the word anomaly and ran across your blog. NO COINCIDENCE! God doesn’t do coincidences! I love your story. It’s mine as well, In fact I am writing an ebook with the same focus, with the desire to stir up passion in the hearts of God’s people, for a deeper faith and love that can be communicated to others, who have yet to know Him.
    It would be my pleasure to share your story as a part of that purpose, if you don’t mind.
    Please feel free to contact me and let me know if we can work together.
    God bless you
    Prophetess Anna
    BTW…where are you from?.

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    1. Hi Anna, thankyou very much for visiting my blog and sharing your dreams of writing an ebook. It sounds so inspiring! I would be very interested in letting you share my story for the purpose of encouraging others 😃 Please do not hesitate in private messaging me to discuss your ideas. I live in Australia. God bless


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