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H.O.P.E ‘Hold on Pain Ends’

On Boxing Day, my friend's 28 year old brother in law took his own life. Jumped in front of a train and that was the end of it.  I had only seen this friend and his wife four days prior to this tragedy, so it was quite a shock. He and his wife were the… Continue reading H.O.P.E ‘Hold on Pain Ends’

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A Year of Being Single

It was my choice, and God's prompting that led me to being single for at least a year. A year ago, I had ended a relationship that was almost into it's second year. It was your classic case of being in love, then things turning sour, realising they weren't the person you thought, and feeling… Continue reading A Year of Being Single

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Love and Dating Series #3:Sex is not just physical

So far in this series we have talked about relationships, being the person that the person you are looking for wants to be with, godly relationships, and how men should treat women. Now in this segment I wanted to talk about sex.  It really is crazy how much of a hold sexual sin can have… Continue reading Love and Dating Series #3:Sex is not just physical