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The Year of Being A Conqueror

It's been rather quiet on this blog, and I do apologise for that. You are probably wondering what happened. Life has been so busy! It almost feels like I am tying up a lot of loose ends in different areas of my life, getting ready for new changes next year! To give you an update… Continue reading The Year of Being A Conqueror

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Staying True To Yourself And Being Totally Cool With It

Lately I've been re-learning how important spiritual compatibility and mutual values is in relationships with other people.  Whether it's romantic, friendship, work etc, when you meet someone, you can either click instantly, or you will feel a giant chasm between you and the other person that you can't put a finger on. I've realised lately… Continue reading Staying True To Yourself And Being Totally Cool With It

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ANZAC DAY: A Christian Perspective

Today we celebrated a day that commemorates the sacrifices our young men and women gave in the form of their lives to defend our country so our generations could live on in freedom. Though I couldn't make the early dawn service at five o'clock, I did make the eight o'clock  parade in the street and… Continue reading ANZAC DAY: A Christian Perspective

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Finding Your Inner Child Again

You know how throughout life you can feel the different seasons you are passing through? Sometimes you might feel like you are walking in a desert and you can't find God. Whereas some days you feel like blessings are raining down on you and you always feel God's presence. I would have to say the… Continue reading Finding Your Inner Child Again