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The Woman That Inspired Me The Most

It was International Women's Day today in Australia, and there has been a lot of talk of inspirational, empowering, strong women in social media. Even in the lead up to this day, the women I work alongside on our creative project 'Her HQ' met together and shared who inspired us the most. For myself, it… Continue reading The Woman That Inspired Me The Most

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Rested and Rejuvenated

This past weekend spent visiting family on the Sunshine Coast was a very energising, peaceful and spiritual retreat from the busy schedule I now have living closer to the city. God showed me how important having a family bond is and how it grounds us, strengthens us and provides a peace in life knowing where… Continue reading Rested and Rejuvenated

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Humility + Human Connection

Lessons in Humility Christianity to me is about human connection. It's about looking beyond someone's status, finances, appearance, and job. It's about the heart, the connection, the relating to someone no matter their background, ethnicity, language, geographical location, or what denomination church they come from. Last Sunday I visited a contemporary church in my local… Continue reading Humility + Human Connection

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Finding Your Inner Child Again

You know how throughout life you can feel the different seasons you are passing through? Sometimes you might feel like you are walking in a desert and you can't find God. Whereas some days you feel like blessings are raining down on you and you always feel God's presence. I would have to say the… Continue reading Finding Your Inner Child Again

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Backpacking Home + Some Self-Discovery

  It is a beautiful thing in life to feel so completely uninhabited and free. To feel like you are soaring again, being captivated by life once again and pushing limits you didn't know you had in you. That is what I would describe for myself lately, and is a reason why I haven't blogged… Continue reading Backpacking Home + Some Self-Discovery

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“Bloggers that Inspire Me”- Vlog

Just a short video listing some inspiring Christian bloggers and writers that have influenced my own walk with God. I have linked their webpages below for you to look at. Enjoy! X