My Story

My walk with God began at a young age. My Mum was Christian, my Dad wasn’t and when my parents divorced when I was five, she raised my younger sister and I by herself.

Growing up, I attended a public primary school, went to Sunday school most Sunday mornings where I made attempts in getting to know the Lord through Bible stories, and winning prizes if I put my hand up in class and answered the question correctly, which would be awarded a stamp or a gold star.

I surrendered my life to the Lord at age 12 when I attended a drama production in my local area at a church. The play was about life after death, and at that time, I was driven by fear into giving my life to the Lord. I loved the idea of a God, and the idea of being loved by him, as I had never had a great relationship with my own earthly father. But I didn’t know God personally until many years later.

Gradually  leading up to that time, Year 7 was the most challenging year of my schooling life because I was bullied for my Christian faith. And it was at this point in my life that I realised being a Christian was not cool in society, and for reasons that I couldn’t fathom at such a young age, I didn’t understand why I could be so hated for believing in something as beautiful as the Lord. His values, and his morals, and how he fought for the injustices in the world, was what lead me to believe in him, and I didn’t understand how people could be so hateful and so prone to slandering his name.

Following into High School, my self-esteem was shattered, and I was so shy. I wanted to be invisible, and in some part of me I wanted to denounce God ever existed because of how hurt I felt at the persecution I encountered. But since I was attending a Christian private school now, I found other peers that had the same Christian faith and my identity in God was soon found again.

But I became too independent of Him, and I wanted to try things out my own way. So I went my own way for a time and I would go in and out of attending church activities with friends.

It was only when I was around 19 that I really came to know God. I attended a church with friends  and witnessed spiritual gifts, and healings that I had only heard about in the Bible, and then I knew it was true. There was something still powerful about believing in God in this world, and it was worth more than what the world could offer me.

On that night I laid a hand on a man’s ankle, I said a prayer and he was instantly healed of arthritis. Other times, I witnessed many other acts of supernatural power I couldn’t fathom with my human mind.

But even though I have witnessed all these amazing things through God’s name, and I have grown more in the Lord, I am still on a journey that can take me to the highest mountains, and then back down to the lowest pits. Sometimes I take the wrong turns, and I end up in places that remind me of my past, and sometimes I feel like I am on the straight and narrow. I am still learning, and I always will be.

But I am blessed because I have the understanding now of what the Father’s love is, and I have a new identity in Him. No longer do I look towards others for acceptance, and try to fit myself into the social norms. I know that there is no greater love, wisdom or mercy that I can receive from anyone but my Father in Heaven. I know I am a sinner,but I am forgiven in the blood that was shed by Jesus on the cross. I know that  I am different in this world and I accept that. I  know I am a daughter of the King. I am an anomaly daughter.


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