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A Year of Being Single

It was my choice, and God's prompting that led me to being single for at least a year. A year ago, I had ended a relationship that was almost into it's second year. It was your classic case of being in love, then things turning sour, realising they weren't the person you thought, and feeling… Continue reading A Year of Being Single

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Your Life is The Result of The Choices You Make

I can’t believe today was the first day of June, which means the first day of Winter, which marks the halfway point in the year! Where did 2017 go? I have no idea... But I can definitely tell it’s Winter though with the drop in climate, the layering of warmer clothing, and the copious amount… Continue reading Your Life is The Result of The Choices You Make

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Humility + Human Connection

Lessons in Humility Christianity to me is about human connection. It's about looking beyond someone's status, finances, appearance, and job. It's about the heart, the connection, the relating to someone no matter their background, ethnicity, language, geographical location, or what denomination church they come from. Last Sunday I visited a contemporary church in my local… Continue reading Humility + Human Connection

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ANZAC DAY: A Christian Perspective

Today we celebrated a day that commemorates the sacrifices our young men and women gave in the form of their lives to defend our country so our generations could live on in freedom. Though I couldn't make the early dawn service at five o'clock, I did make the eight o'clock  parade in the street and… Continue reading ANZAC DAY: A Christian Perspective